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Fems Empowers Women's Health with Fio, the Innovative Period Chatbot

Fems continues to revolutionize women’s healthcare in Sri Lanka with the introduction of Fio, a first-of-its-kind WhatsApp chatbot specializing in menstrual health and hygiene.

Fio: A Personalized Approach to Period Health

Designed to provide a safe and comfortable space for women and girls, Fio empowers users to discuss and resolve their most pressing menstrual health concerns. Expert-curated FAQs address frequently asked questions, ensuring users receive medically accurate information.

Tailored Solutions for Every Woman:

Fio goes beyond basic information. The innovative Pad Selector function helps users find the perfect sanitary pad based on their individual preferences and needs.

Real-Time Support, Anytime, Anywhere:

The most utilized feature is Fio’s “Ask a Doctor” function. This allows users to have private one-on-one conversationswith a doctor in their preferred language. Whether it’s a simple question or a complex concern, Fio provides a safe space to get expert answers at your fingertips.

Measurable Impact:

Fio’s success speaks for itself. Since its launch, the platform has facilitated over 42,000 chats, with over 2,000 questions answered. With its up-to-date data and expert guidance, Fio is fostering a healthier and more informed future for women in Sri Lanka.