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Fems Makes History with Forward & Fearless Women's Day Campaign

This International Women’s Day, Fems took a groundbreaking step, integrating AI and CSR for the first time in Sri Lanka. Their innovative campaign, Forward & Fearless, tackled the critical issue of period poverty.

Engaging a Wider Audience:

The campaign went beyond simply raising awareness. Forward & Fearless encouraged both men and women to participate by recreating their own versions of the campaign video using a safe and accessible AI platform. This sparked a wave of engagement, with over 500+ user-generated videos shared across social media.

Empowering Girls to Stay in School:

The impact was real. Thanks to the campaign’s success, over 1,500 school girls received donations of sanitary napkins, enabling them to continue their education.

Breaking the Silence:

Forward & Fearless didn’t just raise funds, it sparked a much-needed conversation. The campaign generated significant talkability on period poverty, paving the way for greater understanding and progress.

Fems is proud to have pioneered this innovative approach to social change. Forward & Fearless stands as a testament to the power of technology, creativity, and collective action in empowering women and girls.