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Sponsoring and Felicitation of Junior National Hockey Champions of Sri Lanka

In our continuous endeavors to inspire and empower girls to reach new heights, Fems proudly sponsored two teams that participated in the prestigious Junior National Hockey Championship of Sri Lanka. It gives us immense joy to share that one of the teams emerged as the deserving winners, showcasing their exceptional talent and determination.

In addition to the sponsorship, Fems went the extra mile to support and nurture the teams' overall development. Understanding the significance of life and social skills, we organized a comprehensive full-day training session, specifically tailored to equip the players with essential skills beyond the hockey field. This training aimed to enhance their personal growth, boost their self-confidence, and equip them with the necessary tools to navigate various social situations.

Furthermore, Fems took the opportunity to felicitate the teams for their remarkable achievement in the championship. A grand ceremony was held, where the players were acknowledged for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding performance. The felicitation served as a platform to recognize their accomplishments, inspiring them to continue striving for excellence in all aspects of life.

By sponsoring the teams and providing them with extensive training and recognition, Fems aims to not only encourage girls' participation in sports but also promote their holistic development. We firmly believe that supporting their athletic pursuits and nurturing their life and social skills will empower them to become unstoppable individuals, both on and off the field.

Through these initiatives, Fems strives to create a platform for girls to showcase their talents, gain confidence, and inspire others with their achievements. We remain committed to supporting and uplifting the aspirations of young athletes, ensuring they have the necessary resources and opportunities to excel in their chosen endeavors.