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Sanitary Napkin Donation for the Department of Prisons

The H.E.R Foundation has successfully entered into an agreement with the Department of Prisons to address an important issue concerning female inmates in the country's prisons. As part of this agreement, the foundation will be providing sanitary napkins free of charge to female inmates for a duration of 12 months.

Sanitary napkins are essential menstrual hygiene products for women, and their availability can be a challenge, particularly for incarcerated individuals. By offering these products at no cost to female inmates, the H.E.R Foundation aims to ensure that the menstrual health and hygiene needs of these women are met during their time in prison. The scope of the initiative is quite comprehensive, as the foundation plans to cover female inmates in every prison compound across Sri Lanka. This means that the impact of this donation will extend to all facilities that house women prisoners, ensuring that no one is left behind.

The H.E.R Foundation officially commenced the donation on 28th of June 2023, taking the first step in fulfilling their commitment to this cause. On this day, they handed over the necessary quantity of sanitary napkins for the first month to Mr. Chandana Ekanayake, who holds the position of Additional Commissioner General of Prisons and Commissioner of Prison Administration and Rehabilitation.